THE NEW CryolipolysIS 3.0

Cryoback Cryo Lipo

Eliminate fat cells

Cryoback Cryo Stim

Metabolic activator

Cryoback Cryo Pulse

Regenerate cells


“…produces long lasting and immediate results without any side effects …”

These 3 technologies are non-invasive and extremely effective for reducing fat and for sub-cutaneous treatments.
This combination is the only one of its kind on the market and produces long lasting results without any side effects (such as loss of skin elasticity, pain, unsightly oedemas, tearing of tissue…)

During the treatment, which uses a wave of CRYOBACK temperature between -10°C and +45°C on automatic programme settings, the skin and the body are deeply nourished to encourage cellular regeneration and to restore skin quality like never before.

Cryolipolyse Cryoback3

Body & facial Care

With its targeted treatment and deep action, CRYOBACK 3* produces better results than other technology currently available on the market. The device means you can carry out non-invasive liposuction by freezing fat cells yet still maintain the metabolic activity of other biological tissues. What is more the treatment also has a rejuvenating effect on facial areas.

L’efficience Winback : Développer le minimum de puissance et maximiser le résultat.

Winback continue dans son développement en offrant des solutions sures et efficientes. Avec un minimum de puissance déployée pour un maximum de résultats pour les patients quel que soit les secteurs ; Physio – Sport -Beauté.

Avec CRYOBACK, winback propose une solution innovante et porteuse pour l’ensemble de ses marchés.

CRYOBACK 3 by Winback

WINBACK, it is more than 1000 expert centers focusing on rehabilitation, sport and beauty all over the world, in less than 3 years.

Winback is continuing to develop and offer safe, effective solutions. Using the least possible power for maximum results, whatever the patient sector: physio – sport – beauty. CRYOBACK is Winback’s innovative solution, suitable for use in all these areas.