Cryoback Cryo Lipo

Eliminate fat cells

Cryoback Cryo Stim

Metabolic activator


Regenerate cells


1 CRYO*LIPO eliminate fat cells

Beauty treatments are developing and improving their effectiveness, whilst still respecting the human body and improving reaction times.

The aim of lipolysis is to destroy and eliminate unwanted fat cells via cold therapy so that the patient’s silhouette can be altered.

This method is based on cooling and controlling adipose cells, which lead to lipid crystallisation. Adipose cells receive the signal, which sets off their gradual extinction (apoptosis) followed by a slow, progressive liberation of lipids. Over the course of time, the body eliminates these cells and the damaged lipids which are freed from these cells.The deep fatty layer shrinks and is reshaped.

Targeted temperature aimed at eliminating cells

Adipose cells are more sensitive to temperature changes than other body tissue, they can be destroyed by prolonged exposure to a temperature of 0-4°C.

Clinical research has demonstrated that this will cause a loss of more than 25% of fat cells.

Clinical research has demonstrated that controlled elimination of these fat cells is safe and gradual. Just one treatment session can set off the destruction of 25-30% of fat cells in an individual and the results are still clearly and demonstrably visible after one to two months. The effect is permanent as fat cells can no longer be stored in the treated area.

Traitement cryolipolyse

2 CRYO*STIM metabolic activator

CRYO-STIM burns calories at a localised level by stimulating muscular activity, intensifying blood circulation and firming tissue. The result is an immediate reduction is size during the treatment session. The activity of sub-cutaneous muscle tissue also facilitates the body’s elimination of destroyed adipose cells.

CRYO*STIM protects the body

It generates EMS currents to stimulate the muscles during prolonged cryo treatment to a particular area of the body. It aims to maintain metabolism in order to avoid any biological tissue dying whilst undergoing cryo lipolysis.

The waves are delivered via electrodes which are connected directly to the cryo lipolysis PADS, immediately next to the treatment area. There are more than 6 programmes, with different frequencies offering a depth of action somewhere between the skin and deep muscles and either a stimulating or relaxing treatment.

3 CRYO*PULSE regenerate cells

The active ingredients are introduced to the layers of the skin via pulsating current. Using this method, the deep layers of the skin receive between 80-90% of the active ingredients which corresponds to a penetration rate of 200-300% more than traditional treatments.

Pulsating currents reinforce localised penetration of the active ingredients used on the patient’s skin.This intensive, cold application reduces the skins sensitivity and it becomes permeable therefore allowing the active ingredients to pass more easily through to the deeper layers of the skin. The treatment also activates the adjoining tissue and stops the skin from changing whilst eliminating toxins.

The treatment is pleasant and pain free.The treatment lasts around 15 to 30 minutes depending on the expanse of the area requiring treatment.

Targeted temperature ensures active ingredients penetrate the skin.

The temperature of the treated skin is between -10°C to 0°C, the client will not feel any heat nor a burning sensation during the treatment. The cooling of the skin leads to vasoconstriction which also means the active substances which are not transported in the bloodstream can be concentrated, creating a very localised, effective treatment. Using cold means that greater energy can be used and results are achieved more quickly and are more effective.