CRYOBACK 3* successes

CRYOBACK has been used successfully to treat wrinkles, acne, irregular skin pigmentations, rosacea, sensitive skin, cellulitis, stretchmarks, fatty deposits, loose skin and dehydrated skin.

CRYOBACK 3* capitalises on this method and prepares the skin and body to undergo Cryo lipolysis.

  • Skin becomes soft and smooth
  • It looks younger
  • It is more resistant
  • The collagen structure of the skin is reinforced
  • Cellular regeneration is stimulated
  • Damage is neutralised by free radicals
  • Fat is eliminated

Resultats cryolipolyse

Lasting effects of the

  • 1 day : The first change, which is noticeable within 24 hours after the treatment is APOSTOSIS which happens immediately after the application of the cold treatment (4°C).
  • 14 days : Progressive fragmentation of apoptotic cells
  • 30 days : “cleaning” of macrophagic fragments (the total elimination of adipocytes)
  • 90 days : after treatment, low fat tissues are affected at an application of 4°C

Advantages of CRYOBACK 3*
non-chirurgical treatment

  • Pain-free, it does not affect the skins integrity (no bruising or oedemas)
  • The patient can continue work and social activities immediately
  • No food or exercise restrictions, very few contraindications
  • Treatment time is 30 mins to 1 hour, depending on the strength of treatment required. Patients can lie down comfortably during the treatment and can read, talk on the phone, work at a laptop or simply rest.

CRYOBACK 3* is a lipolysis treatment that respects the body tissue and can reshape your silhouette generating a minimum of hematoma and limiting the risk of irregularities appearing (wave effect) in the treated cutaneous zones. Results are immediately visible and long lasting.

The treatment is suitable for clients with sagging facial skin who want to improve their appearance without undergoing surgery. The result is firmer skin with significantly less wrinkles and uneven fatty areas.

“…improve their appearance without undergoing